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-Oki clan Commades
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/clan leave
Voluntarily withdraw from the clan. However, the clan leader cannot withdraw.
/clan msg <message>
Enter dialogue in the clan chat channel. Players can clan chat easily by attaching the number sign (#) in front of dialogue when not using this command.
/clan <username>
Sends a recruitment request to the specified player if they and the sender are in the lobby.
/clan promote <username> <admin/member>
Promotes or demotes the specified clan member to the specified rank. This command can only be used by the clan master, and the specified clan member must be online at the time. 
/clan dismiss <username>
Kicks player from clan. Can only be used by leader or admin. Can be used if player is offline or online, it doesn't matter.
/clan open
<Clan Name>
<Member 1>
<Member 2>

Creates a clan with at least 4 members.       Smile Okey add
13ladeMaster  Wink
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