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Hello i Reff Players Maybe 10+
and 3 Players is get level 60++
But i get just 25 DC , 50 EV
Why? please gimme the coins of more 2 Players.
More ( 50 DC + 100 EV ) For 2 Players
2 players in my reffer is level 60
Character: 3132  = Level 60 in my ref on the website. + in game
character: Fuckindians = Level 60 in my Ref on the website. + in game
Character: Reffer1 = Level 51 in my Ref on The Website But ( in Game = 63 Level )
   My all Ref in website you can it there Proof Website:    
and i told players to give me picture in game Proof inGame: 
All Characters Proof in Game level There:
What i do to get the coins? 
give me it ( 50 DC + 100 EV )
My UserID: PirateBlal1
My Character Name: [PirateBlal]     

i dont sure this thread is for REF but i dont see Threads For Refferal, For that i post there, and i think you will accept here, - please help me -
iGN: [PirateBlal] 
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Hello, good afternoon.
We are investigating your problem.
You to receive the coins for free
The user you invited may have already registered previously.
Or maybe it's the same cyber.
Or the same computer
[Image: SRTzcl6.gif]
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i dont think this but its okey no problem ill invited other mmm Big Grin
iGN: [PirateBlal] 
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